About Us

Yes, now many people whenever mentioned Chinese human hair products, always said the Chinese hair is not good and bad, we have to say, there are some bad manufacturers in China, BUT this is not a common situation, because the Chinese region is very big, please you believe that good suppliers in China far beyond dishonest suppliers, just you didn't just find, We are Ously Hair,has 6 years in this industry, we firmly believe that honesty and quality is the soul of business, we put our human hair products as the life of the enterprise to manage, pursue the best quality, the good price is our goal. We do not collect hair from floors,or shower drains etc. Our hair is cut from ponytails. We select only the strongest ,healthiest hairs and then sterilize through 13 procedures to ensure the safety and health of hair. We thank you very much for your patience to read this introduction, at the same time, we are looking forward to you can have a real belong to your own custom wigs, high quality hair, fashionable texture, the color of the exclusive, and the price of the most loyal. We look forward to your joining Ously Hair.

Ously Hair has passed The Examination of National Hair Ptoducts And Hair Care Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center,and has been au-thenticated 100% Human Hair,which without any chemical process! Pls feel free to buy our hair!

To produce the most natural the most durable of human hair is our aim, every process is after many experiments and adjustment, to ensure that the customers buy is the best quality human hair, not hair loss, is not knot, no chemical addition, don't cut corners, using advanced production technology, in the premise of guarantee quality, achieve the lowest price.